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There are two types of memberships Premium Consultant and Preferred Customer.
Please choose correct application based on your selection.

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Starter Kit

  • SURE Cosmetics starter kit contains everything you need:
  • A handsome leather-like case contains samples of all our fragrances
  • Over 50 samples (2ml each.) of perfumes and colognes, including our updated collections of new trendy scents!
  • Our Premium color catalog with descriptions of all our fragrances
  • Business manual (SURE compensation plan and detailed training)
  • Our signature SURE ball point pen

Occasionally we may add some extras, like promotional DVD, brochures, etc. Those are not standard items and sometimes may not come with your kit.

Personalized Retail Website

Coming soon

  • Receive a personalized website.
  • Have access to BackOffice software with complete information about SURE products and tools to manage your SURE business.
* Personal Retail Website subscription will be free for three months from the date you joined SURE Cosmetics. This offer does not include special offers and promotions. Members who signed up during the promotion periods must remain within an active* status to keep promotion. *See Independent Consultant Policies and Procedure for more details and the Active status.

And much more...

  • Be eligible to purchase SURE products at an average of 43-50% discount
  • Have a right to Sponsor new Consultants and growth your passive income
  • Earn bonus commission from purchased products and your downlines
  • Be eligible to participate in SURE Bonus Programs*
  • Be always supported by SURE Corporate Office in the USA

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Preferred Customer membership allows you to purchase SURE Cosmetics products at a discount. However, you cannot sponsor and resell products and your earned bonuses can only be received via discount on product purchases.

Preferred Customer Membership will grant you access to:

  • BackOffice with complete information about SURE products
  • Control your purchases and the Auto-Ship from the online backoffice
  • Be eligible to purchase SURE products at 15% discount
  • An access to support from SURE Corporate Office in USA