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We welcome you to our FAQ forum, where you can find all necessary answers to often asking questions. If you have any more questions, please send them to us and we will do our best to answer you.

1. How can I join SURE Cosmetics?
To enroll in this opportunity just Click Here

2. How can I join?
First Step – Application and sponsor information

You will need a sponsor to join SURE Cosmetics. A sponsor is a person who will help you start your SURE business - a mentor that will lead you through step by step, teaching you how to become successful with our business. People who don't know anyone in SURE network may still sign up with us, except you will need to use our “Consultant Search Tool” that will help you find someone close to your location. Click Here You may also give us a call, we can try to assist you in the process and recommend someone for you. Please keep in mind it is a good idea to talk with your sponsor prior to the registration, once you choose one and join the company there is a very strict policy which does not allows to change a sponsor to a different one.

Second Step - Purchase the starter kit or choose to become a Preferred Customer

Becoming a Preferred Customer member entitles you to purchase SURE Cosmetics products at a discounted prices. However, you will not have the rights to sponsor potential members or to resell any of the SURE products. You may upgrade your membership level at any time.

3. What does the starter kit include?

The SURE Cosmetics starter kit contains everything you need to start your own SURE Cosmetics business:
• A handsome leather-like case contains samples of all our fragrances
• Over 50 samples (2ml each.) of perfumes and colognes, including our updated collections of new trendy scents!
• Our Premium color catalog with descriptions of all our fragrances
• Business manual (SURE compensation plan and detailed training)
• Our signature SURE ball point pen

Occasionally we may add some extras, like promotional DVD, brochures, etc.
Those are not a standard items and sometimes may not come with your kit.

Personal Retail Website

-Coming soon
• Receive a personalized website.
• Have access to BackOffice software with complete information about SURE products and tools to manage your SURE business.

4. Does a Sponsor receive any compensation for the purchase of a Starter Kit by a new Representative?

No one earns any bonus or compensation from the purchase of a Starter Kit only! The Starter Kit is used as a working tool in helping Consultants build their business without having to carry any inventory and with minimal investment. The Starter Kit is used by Consultants and their customers for sampling perfumes before making a purchase.

5. What if I forget my login ID and/or password?

You may go on the Home Page of the SURE Cosmetics website, click on Sign in button and click on the Forgot your password option, then insert your email address or your user ID number; we will automatically email you correct login information.

6. How do I order?

Depending on your home office this process may slightly vary. Please check with your local branch for more information.

7. Orders Placed by Preferred Customers

Your Preferred Customers who know your ID may purchased directly from your local branch. Products will be sold to them with a PC discount and the retail difference will be put aside for you and will be paid out accordingly to our payout policies. Refer to Policies and Procedures for more information.

8. How can I find out about consumer promotions if I do not have access to the Internet?

Flyers announcing new promotions will be placed in all shipments. Alternatively, you can also contact your sponsor to find out about any new promotions. The easiest way to inform you about current promotions and news is online. You can use the Internet at Internet cafes or libraries, if you do not have access at home or you may visit or call our branch.

9. What should I do if my client is not satisfied with the fragrance? Is there a return policy?

Your client has the choice to test the samples you have in the starter kit, all products are the exact same as the samples. If the client orders something and decides later that the product is not for them, the product cannot be returned once it is opened. To read our full return policy please Click Here

10. What to do if the product is damaged?

Please inform us immediately about your damage product. (312-881-8163) Also provide us with your Consultant details and description of what happened to your products/parcel. After we determine what the reason was, we will send you a replacement at our discretion for the damaged product. Please note that all orders are final NO RETURNS or EXCHANGES.

11. Will the company have new products like make up, home products, etc.?

Yes, we will increase our product range. You will be informed about all new products coming in our newsletter, leaflets, and on our website.

12. What are the payment methods?

Consultants can pay for their orders by: Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Cards (or Links) or via Pay Pal. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. When you (a Consultant) sell a SURE product, you collect payment from your customer. The selling price includes the price of the product, plus Shipping & Handling and sales tax. Your customer can pay you with cash, check, or credit card. If they pay you with cash or check, you keep your profit and submit the balance to SURE Cosmetics on your own credit card. If they pay you with credit card, you submit the order using their credit card number through your personalized website, and we remit your profit to you as a retail commission at the end of the month.

13. Do I have to pay income tax on my commission?

Every Consultant is responsible for their own income tax on their earnings. Please consult it with your accountant, SURE Cosmetics employees cannot provide any legal advice.

14. How often is the catalog changed?

The Catalogs are changed once a year. More details about catalog changes are always on our site.

15. What is the commission payment rule?

The commission payment rules are as follows:

1.Commission to SURE Consultants can be paid in any country where there is an existing SURE Cosmetics branch. 2.Commission is paid after the 15th day of every month.
For more information please refer to Policies & Procedures.

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